6 Reasons Why Cornwall is the Best Place to Run in the UK

 If you’re a keen runner and habitant of Cornwall, it’s likely you’ll count yourself as very lucky. Running in Cornwall is breath-taking (quite literally, it’s very hilly) and there is nothing more invigorating than getting outdoors in the fresh coastal air and seeing where your feet take you. The coastal landscape and endless countryside is sufficient motivation alone to get your running feet out the front door before work in the morning. So, without further ado, here are 6 reasons why Cornwall is the best place in the UK to run run run.

Damian Gadal

  1. Breath- taking views

Running along Cornwall’s coastal paths is a truly breath-taking experience and can only be understood when experienced for yourself. Take in coastal panoramas, rolling hills, soaring trees and interesting wildlife. The South West coastal path along the coast of Newquay or Bude provide some of the best running routes in the county, where you will experience 360 degree views across white sands and translucent ocean. Return home feeling at peace, inspired and ready for the day ahead!

  1. Variety of terrain

Whether you’re a beach jogger, road runner or woodland explorer, Cornwall has something for everyone. A beach run provides a softer surface for less impact on your lower body, while burning more calories than your ordinary pavement run. Trail running through any number of our woodlands is a great way to take away some of the stress from the impact of the running on harder surfaces. This also engages and strengthens smaller muscles around the ankles which are used to balance the body on the uneven surface. Run along a variety of terrains, starting on pavement, moving onto a trail, padding across the sand and returning to the flat pavement again. Variety challenges new muscles while immersing your body and mind in your workout. Switching between terrains makes for a much more stimulating and beneficial workout.

  1. Feeling adventurous?

Like other outdoor sports, such as cycling or hiking, running has a sense of adventure that you just don’t get enclosed inside the gym. Being in Cornwall, it’s likely that when you step outdoors, you’re either within, or no further than a mile or two from, beautiful countryside. This gives all of us the chance to go on an adventure! So head outdoors, turn in a direction you’ve never gone before and see where it takes you (just make sure you’ve charged your phone!).


  1. Hills, hills and more hills

As aforementioned, Cornwall is very hilly, and this makes for not only a great cardiovascular exercise, but an amazing strengthening session for your entire body that will, in turn, boost the progress of your running. Running uphill will help build muscles throughout your whole body, quicken your stride and up your overall endurance. But don’t be put off! Embrace the challenge head on, conquer that hill and you’ll reap the benefits.

  1. Wildlife

On a typical run in Cornwall soaring and singing birds will pique your interest, beautiful wild flowers will colour your way and woodland animals will share your path. Why not leave the headphones behind and take in the peace and tranquillity that is the Cornish countryside? Listen to the crashing waves on the beach and the leaves bustling in the wind. Reconnect with nature and explore the outdoors. Our favourite places to explore include the coastal paths in Newquay and Bude, Bude Canal, Perranporth beach at low tide, Newquay’s River Gannel and Millook Valley woods. See if there are any nature reserves near you, or simply discover what’s out there by heading to the woods, a lake, the moors or the coast. Stash a camera or phone, and quickly capture some snaps of nature to add some fun to your run.

  1. Peace of mind

Research has shown that running is just as good for your mental health as it is your physical health. So, on top of all the stunning views and beautiful wildlife, happy chemicals rushing to your brain from the exercise will leave you feeling invincible. Running is also used by many as meditation, so why not turn your daily run into a practice in mindfulness? Take a deep breath, forget about the stresses of life and get in the zone. It may be the best decision you’ve made in a while!

Have you got some great runs that you want to tell us about? Tweet us pictures of your favourite routes in Cornwall @PB_Resorts and we’ll include this in a future blog. See what runs are happening this year in Cornwall here and here.

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