8 Reasons To Go Glamping

If you’ve never been glamping before, it may seem like a nonsense word. But it really is as simple as it seems: glamorous camping. Britain isn’t very reliable when it comes to the weather, and camping is often everything but glamorous. While you may have in mind warm summer days and balmy evenings filled with BBQ’s, glasses of wine, and songs around the campfire, avid campers know full well this isn’t always the reality. Glamping offers you the luxury and comforts of a hotel or B&B, while remaining in touch with the great outdoors. Here are just a few reasons why glamping is the way forward.

1. It’s the best of both worlds


It may seem obvious, but camping glamorously is reason enough to try it out. It’s the best of both worlds. Traditional camping remains popular because of its simplicity; going back to basics, connecting with nature and getting away from it all are some of the reasons people simply love it. Glamping offers all of this, but with the ease of pre-assembled and set up facilities (most important of all being a comfy bed). You won’t be fumbling around with groundsheets and arguing about where the tent pegs should go, freezing in the middle of the night, or missing a fresh morning coffee. Glamping takes away the stressful and uncomfortable aspects of camping. And with double glazing, heating, a fridge, kettle and comfy bed, it’s certainly tempting!


2. Trying something different

Pod 03

The glamping trend has been around for a little while, but many of us are yet to try it. If nothing else, trying something new and exciting is a perfect reason to try it out. You’ll experience your camping holiday in an entirely different way than before, and you just might love it!


3. Visiting great locations

sea-nature-sunny-beach (1)

Glamping pods act as an ideal base to visit some of the UK’s most beautiful and relaxing locations. Bude and Newquay are great examples of this, in amongst the breathtaking Cornish coast and countryside. Beaches, coastal walks, country hills, bike rides, and quaint local pubs and restaurants to enjoy local ales and fresh seafood are all located nearby.


4. A great night’s sleep


We all know sleeping in a tent isn’t the easiest night’s sleep. Rocks, slopes and hard ground are just some of the reasons camping may have you awake through the night. So while camping is exciting and fun, it just isn’t for everyone. If you can’t draw yourself away from your precious bed, glamping may just be for you. We know your beauty sleep is very important!


5. Experiencing the great outdoors


Going on a glamping holiday is perfect to get in amongst it and embrace your inner hippie. Go for a walk in the rolling country hills. Have a picnic in a field of flowers.Take in 360 degree views of the ocean on a coastal walk. Sunbathe on the local beach. Learn how to surf. Get muddy on a woodland mountain bike ride. The activities outdoors are endless, so get out there and enjoy an adventure!


6. Gazing at the night’s sky


One of the best parts of staying outdoors is witnessing the night’s sky in all it’s glory. It isn’t often we stop what we’re doing, take a deep breath and look up. Cornwall is one of the best spots in the UK to see an unpolluted, beautiful clear night’s sky. So before settling down on a clear evening, grab a blanket, lay on the grass and just look up and take in the starry night. You may be lucky enough to make a wish upon a shooting star!


7. Alfresco dining 


Photo credit: djromanj, Flickr

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? Food is certainly the first thing on my mind when going away. Firing up the BBQ and breathing in its smoky scent immediately conjures up memories of summer, beaches and enjoying time with family and friends. Make your alfresco dining extra special by visiting a local farmer’s market or butchers and buying the local produce. Taste the difference from usual supermarket food with a brilliant outdoor spread of kebabs, burgers, summer salads, and corn on the cob!

8. Relaxation


Holidays are all about taking a deep breath, having a moment for yourself and forgetting your worries. Glamping has the additional luxuries needed for a family break with the children, or for a romantic getaway with your partner. So pour that glass of wine, take a seat on the deck and glamp!

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