An open letter about Peter Bull Resorts’ commitment to the environment

Dear guests (both previous & future), employees, friends, family, passer-by’s, local wildlife, neighbours, visiting wildlife and friends of Sami.

In a time where we are reminded that our planet is delicate, we have decided that 2018 will be the year that Peter Bull Resorts steps up and makes changes to the impact we have on our environment on every scale we possibly can.

During your stay here, we hope that most of all –  you enjoy your stay, we hope you enjoy our food, our entertainment, the pools, our wonderful concessions and the accommodation, but we also hope that you notice how we’re trying to do our best to lower our impact on the environment. Becoming more environmentally friendly is an ongoing commitment for us, we have certain things in place now and we will strive to expand upon these with the support of our staff and our guests, so if you have an idea of what we can do, please feel free to share it with us (preferably by email, or FB message, so we don’t waste paper!):

In the meantime, here is a list of the commitments we’ve made since the start of 2018
1. Recycled Paper – We aim to use recycled paper in all our home printed media
2. Beach Clean Station – We’re co-sponsoring a two-minute beach clean station at our favourite local beach in Porth, hopefully, this will be in place by the spring and will be looked after by our friends at The Laidback Coffee Company.
3. Cornwall Wildlife Trust – We support the Cornwall Wildlife Trust as a business member because of how important our smaller, furrier and more feathered locals are to us.
4. Recyclable food packaging – We have moved to recyclable food packaging, be assured that when you buy a takeaway from us, that packaging (in the right environment) will break down within 12 weeks, much better than horrible polystyrene which takes roughly (optimistically) around 500 years.
5. The Final Straw – We’re thrilled to do our bit to cut down on plastic straw usage, we teamed up with Pat at the Final Straw to do this and proudly use paper straws.
6. Reclaimed wood projects – When possible, we will reuse wood from pallets and trees to build some of our projects, whether this is shelving, display boards or garden boundaries.
7. Local wildlife awareness – We’ve got a lot of animals that make their home on the parks, so we bought a camera so they can say hi, we’ll spread the love for them on social media.
8. ReFILL Cornwall – In an attempt to cut down on plastic bottles, we’ve opened up our bars and receptions as water refill points. Bring an empty bottle and we’ll refill it with the tappiest tap water we can pour.
9.On-site recycling –  We will try to encourage and recycle more of our waste – our receptionists are very keen on this!

What we plan on doing in the future:
1. Clearer recycling bins – Misuse has been an issue in the past, we’ll make it clearer to make recycling easier.
2. Water Butts – We want to use water butts to save water usage on our fairly extensive outdoor foliage. Who needs pipes when you can have a really big bucket?
3. Composting / Growing our own – To make our already insanely tasty food that much tastier, we’re going to try and grow our veggies locally – like, super locally. Our plant cuttings will be composted and we plan on having a greenhouse and poly tunnels up by the end of the year.
4. Alternative energy sources – We’re looking into cleaner energy alternatives, even on a small scale.
5. The Meadow Project –  We have a lot of beautiful areas, so we’re giving one back to the wild and cultivating a beautiful meadow environment. We’ll fill it with bug hotels (not available for use by humans sadly), bird boxes and in the summer, we’ll do ranger courses to teach children about environmental education, kids are the future after all!
6. Pointless plastics –  As much as we enjoy Knick-knacks, it’s time to say goodbye to them, we’ll be looking for better alternatives in the future so you can twirl your drinks with an ethical flourish.
7. Helping our concessions – We’ll be helping our concessionary businesses to find a more environmentally minded way of selling their services.

We realise that there will always be more we can do, but this is our start. Some of these things will be exclusive to certain parks and others will be rolled out across all our sites. If you represent a local environmental charity or know of one who would like to work with us, please get in touch –  we want to help.


Come and check us out,

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