Best places to shop in Bude

Bude is great, there is no question of doubt; it’s a Celtic, cultural beauty in the north boundaries of Cornwall. The infamous Bude canal that meanders majestically through the heart of the town, leading down to the lush Summerleaze beach, holds many historically significant stories of the industrial revolution and even as far back as medieval Britain.

Choosing to holiday or spend a few days in Bude has its many benefits. Not only will you get to explore the quirky charismatic coffee shops and restaurants that surround the town, and try the thrilling sporting activities and day trips out whilst investigating Bude’s interesting heritage, but you can spend some of that hard earned cash in unique and timeless independent shops that often harness the latest in local produce.

To the shops

Top of the list for shopping around Bude is the collection of crafts and culture that can be found in every square mile:

beau nidol ducksbeau nidol 1
Beau Nidol; This little shop host’s unique and handcrafted glass wall art that is locally sourced. You can book a day crafting some for yourself with the in-house work shop that Beau Nidol runs weekly. Facing the harbour, this shop is worth a visit to get your next kitchen accessory.


kernow fleecekernow fleece 2

Kernow fleece; a top quality clothing shop situated on the harbour side of Bude. The guys at Kernow fleece are very talented in crafting some cute, beautiful and unique fleece jackets, hats, socks and an assortment of accessories. Fleeces with a twist.


Acorn ish studio; if you would like to explore woven artistry, then try this studio. Francesca Vincent is a mixed-media and textile artist who specialises in adapting photographs into tapestry. A very interesting and unique art form all made on the premises that are available to buy and have in your own home.

banfordsbanfords 2
Banfords; this fun shop has lots of little bits and bobs to stock up on. Reasonably priced gifts both handmade and ordered in. This shop is ideal for little stocking fillers, keep sakes and nick knacks to decorate the house.

There are plenty of craft shops weaved into the side streets and back alleys throughout Bude town. Though if you are after more substantial clothing and gift shops there are plenty of them too:

Airculture; if you’re after some top quality local surf fashion and accessories then look no further.  Airculture is an independent clothing company that make t.shirts, jumpers, hoodies and jeans. They also sell a selection of well-known brands and collections such as trainers, backpacks and hair gels.

fat face 1
FatFace; of course we all know and love Fat Face and Bude is home to one of these. Situated half way up Bude’s high-street, this infamous retailer is quaint and packed with enough goodies to have a nice look round.

saltrock 1
Saltrock; for more classic surf attire, Saltrock is often a hot favourite. A nice little store packed with essentials and a range of options to surf up your style. Perfect for an afternoon stroll after a day at the beach, get a classic surf hoodie to snuggle down into for the evening.

As well as clothing, there are plenty of book stores, pet shops, bits and bobs, homeware, kitchen and food shops to nosey around:

books by the sea
Books by the sea; this lovely antique style shop has a selection of books both new and classic. You can grab a much loved novel or a unique biography and get lost into a story whilst enjoying an ice cream on the beach. What could be more perfect for a sunny afternoon?

granny-wobbly-s-fudgeprince charles bude
Granny Wobbly’s fudge; what is not to love about fudge? A nice treat whilst you’re on holiday. All the fudge made at Granny Wobbly’s is of course locally sourced and invites you into a fun classic style fudge shop. This little shop was once visited by His Royal highness Prince of Wales and wife Camilla and they definitely enjoyed these fudge treats.pets corner
Pets Corner; we don’t forget your fury best friends, Bude’s Pets Corner is a great shop with everything you need to treat your four legged friend. From treats, toys, leads, coats and beds, you can get well and truly stocked up for your time away or bring them back something they will love.

spencer thorns
Spencer Thorns; of course you can’t visit Bude and not take little souvenirs or gifts back home with you. So check out Spencer Thorns gift shop, as recommended by our Bude Holiday Resort team, this great little place has all you need and more to treat your friends, family and yourself.

There is much to be explored in and around Bude, and that’s what makes it so great. Holding true to the Celtic pride which can be seen in all its architecture and traditional crafts, events, trades and delicacies, Bude gives you a real taste of true Cornwall. Time to explore it for yourself to see what you can discover.


(*all images shown are obtained from the company websites. Peter Bull Resorts do not own these images) 

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