Cornwall’s best alternative photography spots

Cornwall’s best alternative photography spots

So you’ve come on holiday to see Cornwall and you fancy something a little bit different? That’s ok, we can help with that. We’ve lovingly picked the most out of the way, easily missed, wild but still oddly photogenic parts of Cornwall for your navigate yourself towards. There’s no GPS round these parts!



Penhale Sands

This huge expanse of grassland situated between the north of Perranporth and Holywell. Penhale Sands are full of historic monuments and wild animals to photograph. There are three relics to St. Piran dotted around the area; St. Piran’s Oratory, a mostly uncovered church that used to be buried by the shifting of the sand, St Piran’s Church, which is ruined now and a bit of a challenge to find, and St Piran’s Cross. Really, it’s all a challenge to find, but if you can find the cross it will save you a few hours of clueless wandering around.

Findability –A 5 minute drive north from Perranporth, about a 15 minute walk to the Cross (if you know where you’re going).



Trevauncane Cove and the Blue Hills

Set back behind St. Agnes is Trevaunance cove and the Blue Hills. Trevaunance is a popular beach for surfing, coasteering and Seal watching. Other interesting places in the area are the Driftwood Spars brewery and pub and the ruins of an old harbour. The Blue Hills, a short walk along the beach is full of now decayed and broken chimney stacks from the late 1700’s when the area was a hotbed of tin mining activity.

Findability – A 5 minute drive from St. Agnes to the Cove’s car park, either a 2 minute walk or a 30 minute trek (Tide dependant) from there to the Blue Hills.




North of Newquay is the small village of Porthcothan. A long winding beach with excellent views of Trevose Head lighthouse, the real benefit to finding this little gem is taking the south beach path and walking around the coast to the giant sinkholes and lagoons hidden around the corner. At an extremely low tide, these sinkholes are navigable and offer rare views not normally seen by anything that doesn’t have gills or wings.

Findability – A 15 minute drive from Newquay View Resort heading north along the coastal road.



St Nectans Glen

Extremely well hidden seems like the right way to describe the location of this spectacular waterfall. You’ll find St. Nectans Glen a few miles north of Tintagel and hidden inside an expanse of woodland, which is itself hidden in gorge. Access requires a fee, but for a few pounds in the height of summer this offers a sight into Cornwall’s Pagan past and the mythology of the north coast. Also, keep an eye out for the coin laden wishing trees, but don’t sit on them, because those old pennies really hurt.

Findability – A 10 minute drive north of Tintagel and only 20 minutes from Widemouth fields, and then a 30 minute walk from the nearest car park to the actual glen.



Rough Tor

Cornwall second highest peak is incredibly easy to get to thanks to a conveniently located car park and offers astonishing views across Bodmin Moor. Home to semi-tame sheep and giant shire horses this outstanding location is remarkably free of human interference. The entire area is one of the highest parts of Cornwall and offers views that span miles, well, minus Brown Willy (the true highest point of Cornwall) and the occasional medieval structure.

Findability – Easy, head from Bude and Widemouth Fields and then a brisk 30 minute walk up to the top of the Tor.



Colliford Lake

In another part of Bodmin Moor, Colliford Lake is Cornwall’s second largest inland body of Water, exposed and raw to the elements, this might be one of those trips that are more suitable for a sunny day out. Popular with animal watchers and hikers looking to view the plethora of animals who come to bask in the shallows, it’s another part of Cornwall that’s near a main road but frequently overlooked by visitors to the area.

Findability – Around an hour drive from Bude, the car park you’ll find easiest is right on the lake front, but walking around the entire area could take hours.



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