Greenlight to eco-friendly Cornwall.


Cornwall gives the green light to an eco-county.

With Cornwall Council recently adopting the first Cornwall Wide Green Infrastructure Strategy, in which towns around Cornwall are urged to take notice of their consumption rates and eco statues. It’s a great opportunity for Cornwall to lead the rest of the country in becoming green:

‘Cornwall stands apart from other areas in the south west and the country through the sheer number and type of existing green infrastructure assets which are integral to our heritage, identity and economy.’ Cornwall’s Green Infrastructure Strategy

Cornwall is renowned for its gorgeous coastline, beautiful valleys and countryside, fresh organic produce, Celtic culture and sport filled adventures, that it is important to keep the county healthy too. The Green Infrastructure Strategy designates sections of care, being Green places, Blue places, Yellow places and areas of post-industrial mining. Each of the places have a specific task and need to preserve either the countryside, beaches, parks or urban areas through being clean, green and eco.


Ecologically friendly metropolitan Newquay

Newquay’s popularity continues to grow; in the chrysalis of transforming from a typical British Seaside town, like the rest of Cornwall, it is increasingly drawing digital experts, creatives and entrepreneurs looking to make a home by the coast in what’s also know as being Cornwall’s only true metropolitan feeling area.  As the town grows and morphs, it’s also keeping connected to its beautiful surroundings and nature, producing clean energy and protecting its natural surroundings.


The Newquay Community Orchard

The Newquay Community Orchard Project is an environment charity providing an ecologic safe haven for people to escape their busy lives and spend some time reconnecting with nature. The self-entitled ‘rural escape in the heart of Newquay.

Taking on a piece of land close to Tretherras, but close to the town itself, this ambitious project has received massive support from volunteers from the outset.

The project uses self-sustaining resources to grow a forest of orchard trees, which are a heritage symbol of British culture. Newquay Community Orchards are also tackling urban issues, such as unemployment and mental health by providing apprenticeship opportunities and a ‘green lung’ space to relieve stress. They are always looking for volunteers, so contact them to join one of their regular green fingers escapes: Get involved



Eden Project

When you cast your mind to the eco-friendly movement in the South West, we immediately think of Cornwall’s own Eden project. Within easy reach by car, 25 minutes from Newquay View Resort, this ambitious attraction aims to increase mass awareness of self-sustainability and organic living. The St Austell baby has grown into an inspirational centre for melding community action, environmental education, music, theatre, art and provides a beacon of light by cleverly evolving and changing with the times.

Producing its own goods grown on site, its iconic bee-hive domes are powered by wind energy and harvest recycled rain water to hydrate the livestock. Immersing people with the connection between us and plant life and teaching the up most urgent reasons as to why we must care for our planet, it explains the science around ecosystems in a fun and memorable way.

Visitors wander from between the biomines to experience the different climates and explore the world without needing to step out of the country. Experience the Rainforest in all its glory, then get a real feel for being in the Mediterranean, as well as munching the delights grown on site in the restaurant. An amazing experience to not be missed.

wind turbine


Glamping your way around Cornwall

Glamping in Cornwall is quickly becoming a popular alternative to camping. It offers the same benefits of being at one with nature in the great outdoors, and also adds a few simple luxuries thanks to enjoying the cosy comfort of a stable structure that has not taken you half the holiday to put up!

Another bonus of glamping is that it’s also economically friendly. You are not burning unnecessary amounts of fuels to power supplies and charge certain devices, instead you’re conserving energies by enjoying a stripped back lifestyle. Luckily you are still provided with heating, and you are treated to sleeping comfortably on a bed with some features including kettles and electrical links.

It’s a way of reconnecting with nature without worrying whether you pinned the tent up properly. For an easy escape with all this in mind, you could book one of our Glamping pods at Bude Holiday Resort, Widemouth Fields and Newquay View Resort, the chance to have a good night’s sleep under the stars and wake up to stunning Cornish views across our parks.

glamping pods


Whiskers Café Bar

As well as altering our levels of consumption in electrics and fuels, and becoming ever more connected with nature; we also turn to green in what we eat to balance out our lifestyles.

Organic, raw and local produce are great options for us to keep a healthy balance as well as supporting our local farming industry and knowing what we are putting in our bodies.

A café in Newquay has become popular for its eco-friendly tactics and fresh produce.  Whiskers, in the centre of Newquay town, recycles all their cardboards, cups, plastics, tins and glasses. They have a smart coffee machine that monitors their busy periods and will turn itself off when it’s not being used to conserve energy!

They are also powered by Ecotricity, the world’s first Green Electricity Company. Which means all their electric consumptions are completely clean and efficient. Sourcing all their produce locally and organically means they know exactly where the food has come from and are sure to cook up a fine plate of delicious treats that leave you feeling healthy, happy and very satisfied. We at Newquay View Resort certainly recommend trying this place out when you come to stay with us.



Going green is easier than you think, our planet is a truly amazing place to be and it’s only right that we take care of the resources that are so readily available to us. To experience a clean green holiday that caters to the whole family, then stay with us at Newquay View to see these cool places for yourself.



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