Becoming a subletting entrepreneur in Cornwall

One of our holiday home owners talks about her love for Cornwall and becoming an entrepreneur

We recently took some time out to catch up with one of our favourite holiday home owners at Newquay View Resort, with the backdrop of the park’s amazing Porth Valley views. Jane, originally from Leicestershire, inspired us with her love for Cornwall and explained what originally drew her to buy holiday homes here, and in turn, lead her on to buying multiple caravan holiday homes from us.



Enjoying the holiday feeling all year round

“I love spending time on the park and soaking up the holiday feeling all year round when I visit. The staff are so friendly and the location is amazing.” Jane claims. We couldn’t agree more, but then, we are biased – spending time in Cornwall is a unique and fun experience like no other.

Choosing to sublet a holiday home here

After researching buying another holiday home abroad to sublet, Jane was considering buying a place in Morocco. Saying, “after much thinking and research, plus weighing up all of the pros and cons of buying another holiday home, I decided to buy another caravan holiday home here at Newquay View Resort because I already holiday here myself, which means I can have close control over the property I sublet from a close distance” she continues, “It also seems to make sense that I avoid dealing with agencies in other countries to sublet a home in Cornwall instead”.

Living the dream – spending winter’s abroad

With a much desired holiday home in Cornwall already, Jane also has dreams of spending winter’s abroad to complement her relaxing South West lifestyle. “I’m aiming to earn enough income from subletting at Newquay View Resort to spend winters abroad myself for a change of scenery and culture, whilst still enjoying lots of time in Cornwall. Subletting a caravan holiday home is allowing me to work towards something I have wanted to achieve for a long time.”

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