The Pros & Cons of Holiday Home Ownership

Pros and Cons of Caravan Holiday Home Ownership

Most people have dreamt about owning their very own holiday home. It’s likely that after visiting your favourite holiday resort, you have daydreamed about returning next year to your own caravan. Just imagine the luxury of going on holiday at your own will, making use of the facilities at your chosen resort, returning to your favourite location and taking pride in a second home. But the decision behind this luxury is one that takes a lot of careful consideration.


Here are some pro tips to help you in your decision for holiday home ownership.



It’s as simple as that. You get another place that you can call home! Taking pride in your caravan, accumulating wonderful memories at the park, making friends with the locals and exploring a part of the world that you love are the main reasons people choose holiday home ownership.

Unlimited access
We are proud at Peter Bull Resorts to offer a 12 month season across all three of our parks. This means unlimited access to your holiday home all year around. Pop down to Cornwall for a weekend here and a week there whenever you need it. As Cornwall is a top holiday destination, prices for holidays aren’t getting any cheaper, so this eliminates the worry of booking ahead to avoid peak rates, or spending a fortune when you haven’t had the time to organise this years summer holiday.


Getting away from the city, finding an escape and leaving behind the everyday routine are just a few of the many reasons why people go on holiday every year. And finding the right location is vital for the perfect vacation. With staycationing on the rise, it is therefore no wonder why Cornwall is a favourite amongst millions of people every year for their holiday destination. Our parks are situated in this beautiful county, along the North coast in Newquay and Bude. The rugged coastlines, the aqua waters, the soaring countryside, the green hills, the quaint villages, the incredible food and the endless adventures are just some of the reasons why owning a holiday home here is a great investment.

Quality time with the family

Our current holiday homeowners always tell us how owning a caravan has encouraged quality time with their family; having somewhere to escape to when times get stressful, somewhere to let go and take time out with those you care about the most. Whether it be a romantic getaway with your partner, or a fun break with the kids, having somewhere to go back to sets this quality time apart from your otherwise stressful annual calendar.


Owning a static caravan as opposed to a holiday home in Cornwall is a remarkable price difference. Our holiday homes range in value, beginning from reasonable prices affordable for any family looking to own their own holiday home. Also, being able to budget your holidays for the next ten years is a true advantage to caravan holiday home ownership. Not to mention that a caravan is cheap to run!


Subletting is a great way to subsidise the running costs of your caravan. Simply rent the caravan when you aren’t using it to earn some extra income.

Site facilities

Take advantage of the on-site facilities, with bars, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, amusement arcades, adventure playgrounds, Segway tours, surfing lessons, takeaways, diners, and mini-markets. Our resorts have everything you need for an ideal getaway.


It may not be for you

While holiday home ownership is for some, it may not be for others. There is a lot of responsibility that goes along with owning a caravan, and it is a decision that needs a lot of time and consideration. Have you done your research? There are lot of forums online that give great insight into owning a static caravan. So get googling! This way you can truly weigh up the pros and cons (good job we’ve done the hard work for you!).

Lack of variety

If you’re somebody who prefers the spontaneity of exploring a new place each year, then holiday home ownership is not for you. And that’s ok. This really is for those who enjoy the idea of feeling settled, of having a home away from home, of getting to know somewhere even more each time you visit it, of being able to live in that place you’ve always wanted to live in but couldn’t because of work/family/money. So, is returning to the same location for your holiday a plus or a negative?


For a chance to see our affordable holiday homes at one of our wonderful parks Newquay View Resort and Bude Holiday Resort, join us for a free ownership experience day.

For more information about our holiday homes head over to our ownership page, our holiday homes for sale, or our holiday home FAQ.

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