twenty five year friendship


A touching story of friendship hit us here at Newquay View Resort on Friday May 27th. Two broad northern lads reunited on Fistral beach to celebrate 25 years of friendship, but with a twist in the tale.

The two men, now approaching their late 40s, met up in 1991 to attend the Run to the Sun festival that was held on the previous holiday site to Newquay View; Trevelgue. The event would see hundreds upon hundreds of VW fanatics, surfer types and youngsters gathering to celebrate good music and good vibes.

Run to the Sun occurred every May bank holiday weekend and left the town of Newquay buzzing with excitement. As the festival was such a hit, plenty of eager festival goers would make their way to Newquay for the weekend and most importantly would camp on the Trevelgue caravan site.

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Pat Masters and his best friend John were two of those keen youngsters making their way to the Trevelgue camp site on the night of May 25th 1991. However, they didn’t arrive in the conventional VW camper van or VW Golf!

Instead they arrived in Pat’s beach buggy, only after they had driven an incredible 362 miles through the night in 16 hours to join over 1000 other drivers at the Run to the Sun event.  “It was to turn out to be one of the best times in my life and a very special experience” Pat states, “we had no doors or windows so trying to keep warm through the night was a challenge”fourtwo

Once they arrived, the lads set up camp on the old Trevelgue site, in which Pat still holds on to his vehicle registration tag, having to quickly zip the tent up and propping their feet against the entrance to avoid slipping down the hill in their sleep, John laughs “it was an adventure for sure”.

Whilst at the event the pair purchased some ‘Thomas Hardy Ale’ which read the beer best matured over 25 years to give it a purer taste, “At that moment we made a vow that we would not open the beer and instead we would keep it sealed for a quarter of a century before getting back in touch with each other with a plan to drive back to Fistral beach to open the beer together” Pat states.

They did just that, after setting off from Blackpool at 2am in the morning, battling the fluctuating weather conditions, cold nights with no windows, cramping up in the two seater beach buggy, and slogging through the bank holiday traffic into Cornwall, they arrived at Fistral beach to rekindle their memories and open their bottles of Thomas Hardy.


“The beer certainly matured over the years, a sip is more than enough” John claimed as he admired the Fistral beach view in his custom made 25 year anniversary t-shirt. The guys enjoyed being back in Newquay for the anniversary weekend, making the most of the sunshine at the beach before retreating to Newquay View Resort to camp for a real sense of nostalgia.


Though the Run to the Sun festival is no longer held, the site still holds true to their memories, both Pat and John loved their experiences visiting Newquay so much they returned consecutively for the next few years after the festival. “The place just has such a buzz and a lovely atmosphere” Pat mentioned, “It never loses its charm”.

The guy’s story is a great tale of friendship, they both remained in contact for the quarter of a century together we have helped each other through the bad times and celebrated the good times” and staying true to their words reunited on Fistral beach. “We’ve already booked the reporters in for 2041” Pat laughs.


If you would like to create some long lasting memories with your loved ones, then book to stay with us at Peter Bull Resorts. Our lovely Cornish resorts are dotted all along the north Cornish coastline and in prime locations to create some fantastic experiences. Maybe you could revisit the sites in 25 years’ time just like Pat and John did to tell us about your adventures.

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