David Bellamy Silver award

We were very proud when earlier this year Newquay View Resort became the first of our parks to be awarded a Silver David Bellamy award.  The award recognises the effort that our team have made in 2018 to become a more environmentally friendly company. The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme is one of the longest running green tourism awards in the UK and was based on a challenge David Bellamy gave to the holiday park industry to try and be an environmental solution rather than a problem.
Hanging baskets at Newquay View Resort
The assessors who decide on whether a park is deserving of a David Bellamy Conservation award base the decision on whether the holiday park has made a legitimate attempt to protect and enhance Britain’s natural environment.  This can be done with smalls steps, like turning off unnecessary electronics, or larger examples, like turning one of our fields into a wildflower meadow; but the main criteria that the assessors look for is evidence that the holiday park:

  • Manages their land as a haven for wildlife
  • Reduces their use of energy, water and other resources
  • Reduces, reuses and recycles the waste they produce
  • Supports their local communities

Newquay View was able to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by joining up to several prominent local charities that are dedicated to improving the environment. By joining with ReFill Cornwall we became listed as a free water point, meaning anyone who visits with a water container can fill up to prevent the need to buy a plastic bottle. We also joined Plastic Free Newquay and The Final Straw as we attempted to alleviate our reliance on plastic by getting rid of single-use plastics. One final change we made was to join #2Minutebeachclean and with our friends at the Laidback Coffee company purchase a beach clean board for Porth Beach, which will encourage people not to litter, clean up the beach and increase awareness of plastic entering the ecosystem.

5in5wildflowers2018-300-1 5in5hedgerows2017-72

As part of the Bellamy Award 5 habitats in 5 years project, we earned a Wildflower habitat badge and a Hedge habitat badge signifying how we’ve encouraged our natural areas to grow and provide havens for animals that make these areas their homes. This was done through increasing the number of wildflower gardens we had on site and the careful management of hedging, including restricting when we cut back any natural habitats, we don’t want to disturb anything that may be sleeping in the hedges!
Another award we were proud to receive under the David Bellamy scheme, was the Bee Friendly Badge. Bees are a vital part of our sustainability as they are the major pollinators for many of our food sources so a healthy bee population is important for us all.  We encourage bees to visit and stock up on precious pollen while they’re flying past, by making sure as many of the wildflowers we are growing are the favoured plants for bees to collect pollen from. You might also notice a few specialised homes for insects around the park and a massive bug hotel in the lower field. These are vital to help pollinators and other creatures get some much-needed rest and shelter and help ensure that our natural habitats thrive.
Bug hotel at Newquay View Resort
We’ve taken all of these steps so that when you holiday with us you can rest assured that your destination is doing it’s best to encourage an abundant natural environment and protect the surrounding area from environmental damage. You’ll find lots of information about how we are trying to look after the natural environment on site and there are also activities for children and adults to learn more.

Next year we hope to follow up on our initial success by aiming for gold and trying to build on our range of habitats.  We will also be making similar developments at our other parks. You can follow us as we make more exciting changes on Facebook or Instagram and for more information on what we’ve done to be more environmentally friendly and to try and help improve our environment, click here (link to sustainability promise).

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